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Halloween Trends

Funny Halloween Icebreaker Questions in 2023



Halloween icebreaker questions are a great way to break the ice during meetings and team-building activities in the spookiest holiday season. These questions revolve around Halloween themes and can be used effectively in virtual Halloween parties, making online meetings more enjoyable.

List of Halloween Icebreaker Questions:

Virtual Halloween Icebreakers:

  • Halloween and candy are a classic combination. Can you share your favorite candy by showing it on your screen?
  • Let’s discuss the silliest horror movie you can think of. Can you look up when it was released?
  • Change your Zoom background to an image of your favorite monster and tell us why you chose it.
  • Share in the chat a Halloween movie you watch without fail every year.
  • Halloween originated from a Gaelic holiday known as Samhain. Can you try pronouncing its name?
  • Black cats are beloved Halloween creatures. Could someone introduce us to their feline friend on-screen?
  • Who among your colleagues is likely to go all out decorating their house for Halloween?
  • On the flip side, who do you think might skip the company Halloween party?
  • Which team member is least likely to dress up for a costume party?
  • If you enjoy carving pumpkins, show us your go-to design on screen.

Fun Halloween Questions for Work:

  • Can you share your favorite childhood Halloween costume and explain why you loved it?
  • What’s your ultimate Halloween treat?
  • Have you ever experimented with a Ouija board, and did anything strange happen?
  • Have you ever tried bobbing for apples?
  • Did you ever give out expired Halloween candy from the previous year?
  • In a candy trade-off, which candy would you never part with, and which one would you gladly give away?
  • Based on your personality, which fictional witch do you relate to the most?
  • What dish should be a staple at every Halloween gathering?
  • Share the weirdest Halloween decoration you own.
  • What’s the easiest last-minute Halloween costume you can think of?
  • What’s your favorite autumn activity?
  • Have you ever done a couples or group costume?

Halloween Would You Rather Questions:

  • Would you prefer to be the hero or the villain in a spooky story?
  • Is it scarier to walk through a haunted house or act in one?
  • If given the choice, would you rather go shopping with Vecna or dine with Freddy Krueger?
  • Would you rather go trick-or-treating every year for life or attend every party in costume?
  • Telekinesis or telepathy: which superpower would you choose?
  • If you could be a ghost or a witch for a day, which would you pick?
  • Would you rather have six months of Fall with no summer or six months of summer with no winter?
  • Spend a night alone in the basement of a real haunted house or in a cemetery?
  • Face the challenge of eating all your Halloween candy in one night or bobbing for apples all day?
  • Would you rather experience a body-swap like in Freaky Friday or discover you’re a witch like in Halloweentown?

Halloween This or That Questions:

  • Chocolate candy or fruity candy?
  • Halloween party or Halloween movie marathon?
  • Hocus Pocus or Halloweentown?
  • DIY Halloween costume or store-bought Halloween costume?
  • Dive into a pile of leaves or enjoy a hayride?
  • Should Halloween start on September 1st or stick to October 31st only?
  • Are you the first to enter a haunted house or do friends have to drag you in?
  • If you hear a noise in the attic, do you investigate or leave the house immediately?
  • Visit a haunted house or venture through a corn maze?
  • Witches’ hat or vampire teeth?
  • Pumpkin seeds or pumpkin pie?
  • Chunky scarf or plaid?
  • Vampires or werewolves?
  • Mulled wine or cider?

Trick or Treat Icebreaker Questions:

  • At what age did you stop trick-or-treating?
  • Did you stick to the same houses each year for trick-or-treating or explore new neighborhoods?
  • Have you ever trick-or-treated in unusual places, like castles or boats?
  • Have you ever been part of a Halloween prank, like TPing a house?
  • Candy corn, often ranked as America’s least favorite candy, has been around since the 1880s.
  • If adults could trick-or-treat, what would you hope to receive?
  • What’s the grossest candy you’ve ever encountered?
  • In your opinion, what’s the most common Halloween candy?
  • Have you ever watched a ghost hunter show?

Funny Halloween Icebreaker Questions:

  • What would be your witch name if you were a witch?
  • If you had to live in a Halloween movie, which one and why?
  • Have you ever been in a candy trade war with friends or siblings?
  • Have you ever hosted or attended a murder mystery party, and what was the theme?
  • Who do you think is the master of last-minute Halloween costume improvisation?
  • Which villain or monster do you believe is misunderstood?
  • Describe the most extravagant haunted house you’d create if budget were no concern.
  • Share any unique or bizarre Halloween traditions you have.
  • Have you ever dressed up your pets for Halloween?
  • What’s your least favorite aspect of Halloween?
  • If your life were a scary movie, what would its title be?

Spooky Halloween Icebreaker Questions:

  • Have you ever had an encounter with a ghost or sensed a ghostly presence?
  • Have you visited a historically haunted house?
  • Have you explored a haunted house attraction?
  • Is there a movie that still terrifies you today, and why?
  • What’s the scariest story you’ve ever heard?
  • In a scary movie, do you find it scarier to see the monster or to never see it at all?
  • Which is more frightening: psychological thrillers or slasher films?

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Conclusion :

In conclusion, Halloween icebreaker questions provide a delightful way to infuse the spirit of this spooky holiday into workplace interactions. These engaging prompts not only break the ice but also create a sense of camaraderie among colleagues, making online meetings and company events more enjoyable.

As the month of October rolls around, these questions offer a perfect opportunity to tap into the nostalgia, creativity, and shared love for Halloween. Whether it’s reminiscing about favorite costumes, debating candy preferences, or pondering the mysteries of haunted houses, these icebreakers encourage team members to connect on a personal level.

By incorporating these Halloween-themed questions into your workplace activities, you can foster social connections, build trust, and enhance the overall productivity and cohesion of your team. So, this October, embrace the spooky season, engage your colleagues with these icebreakers, and make your virtual meetings and Halloween parties memorable and fun for all.

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Halloween Trends

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