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Halloween Trends

Pool Noodle Halloween Decorations 2023 – 2024



Halloween, a holiday filled with magic and spookiness, is a time when creative individuals unleash their imagination to decorate homes, yards, and even themselves in eerie and enchanting ways. While many decorations can be store-bought, there’s something special about crafting your own spooky decor.

One versatile and budget-friendly material that’s perfect for DIY Halloween decorations is the pool noodle. These foam tubes can be transformed into a wide range of ghoulish and ghostly elements to set the stage for a wickedly fun Halloween. In this article, we’ll explore the world of pool noodle Halloween decorations, offering you inventive ideas and inspiration to elevate your Halloween decor to the next level.

Pool Noodle Halloween Decorations Ideas

Ghostly Garland: Floating Specters

Elevate your Halloween ambiance with a ghostly garland made from cut pool noodles draped with white fabric or cheesecloth. These spectral decorations are perfect for hanging indoors, along mantels, or on the porch to create an eerie and floating specter effect.

2. Sinister Serpents: Creepy Crawling Snakes

Craft slithering snakes by slicing pool noodles into serpent-sized pieces. Paint them with eerie colors, and add menacing details like eyes and fangs. These sinister serpents can be coiled around banisters, hung from trees, or placed strategically to give your guests a spine-tingling surprise.

3. Witch’s Broomsticks: Spooky Transportation

Create witch’s broomsticks by attaching cut pool noodles to wooden sticks, which you can wrap in raffia or straw to achieve that classic look. Lean them against the wall, hang them on the porch, or use them as stand-alone decorations to infuse your space with a dash of witchcraft.

4. Cauldron Bubbles: Bubble, Bubble, Toil, and Trouble

Bring a touch of potion-making magic to your Halloween decor with cauldron bubbles. Carve pool noodles into round pieces, paint them to resemble bubbling cauldrons, and hang them from strings to create an enchanting atmosphere.

5. Spooky Spider: Eight-Legged Frights

Craft your own creepy-crawly spiders by shaping pool noodles into spider bodies and legs. Wrap them in black fabric, add googly eyes, and dangle them from doorways, ceilings, or windows to create a spine-chilling spider invasion.

6. Gravestone Decor: Resting in Peace

Add a touch of the graveyard to your Halloween scene by carving pool noodles into gravestone shapes. Give them an aged, weathered appearance with paint, and add witty or spooky epitaphs to create a unique and haunting decoration.

7. Haunted House Entryway: Eerie Portal

Craft an eerie entryway to your home by cutting and painting pool noodles to create a facade of a haunted house. Incorporate spooky details like windows, doors, and faux cobwebs to transform your entrance into an inviting yet haunting portal for your guests.

8. Pumpkin Patch Stakes: Jack-O’-Lantern Markers

Shape pool noodles into whimsical pumpkin forms, paint them bright orange, and add friendly or menacing faces. Position these pumpkin patch stakes by sticking them in the ground to create a miniature pumpkin patch that adds a touch of Halloween charm to your yard.

9. Mummy Wraps: Bandage-Wrapped Scares

Cut pool noodles into various lengths, wrap them in white fabric or gauze, and attach googly eyes to create adorable mummy-themed decorations. Place them indoors or outdoors to give your space a playful and haunting touch.

10. Bat Swarm: Nighttime Terrors

Craft a swarm of bats by shaping pool noodles into bat bodies and wings. Paint them black and hang them from strings. These bat decorations are perfect for creating a chilling nighttime atmosphere on your porch, in trees, or throughout your home.


1. Where can I find pool noodles for crafting Halloween decorations?

You can find pool noodles at most department stores, toy stores, or online retailers. They are readily available during the summer season.

2. What types of paint work best on pool noodles for Halloween decorations?

Acrylic paint or spray paint works well on pool noodles, providing good coverage and durability.

3. How do I attach pool noodle decorations to surfaces?

You can use various adhesives like hot glue, double-sided tape, or fishing line to attach pool noodle decorations to different surfaces.

4. Are pool noodle Halloween decorations reusable?

Yes, many pool noodle decorations can be dismantled, stored, and reused for future Halloweens.

5. Can I use pool noodle decorations outdoors?

While pool noodles aren’t completely weatherproof, you can use them outdoors if they’re adequately protected from rain and moisture.

6. Are pool noodle decorations safe for children to make?

Crafting pool noodle decorations is a family-friendly activity, but be cautious with sharp tools and paints, especially when involving children.

7. Can I add lights to pool noodle decorations for a more dramatic effect?

Yes, LED lights or string lights can be added to many pool noodle decorations to enhance their spooky or enchanting appearance.

8. How long does it take to craft pool noodle Halloween decorations?

The time it takes to craft pool noodle decorations depends on the complexity of the design and the number of decorations you’re making.

9. Can I find pool noodle Halloween decoration tutorials online?

Yes, you can find a variety of online tutorials and DIY guides that provide step-by-step instructions for creating pool noodle Halloween decorations.

10. Are pool noodle Halloween decorations suitable for both indoor and outdoor use?

Yes, many pool noodle decorations can be adapted for both indoor and outdoor use, but you should take weather conditions into account for outdoor placements.


Pool noodle Halloween decorations offer a unique and budget-friendly way to craft your own spooky and imaginative decor for the season. Whether you’re creating ghostly garlands, sinister serpents, or an eerie entryway, pool noodles are a versatile material that allows your creativity to run wild.

Moreover, many of these decorations can be stored and reused in future Halloweens, making them a sustainable choice for DIY Halloween enthusiasts. So, roll up your sleeves, gather your pool noodles, and embark on a crafting adventure that will transform your home into a spooktacular spectacle for all to enjoy.

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Halloween Trends

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