3 ingredient steak marinade Recipe

Steak is a versatile and delicious dish that can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. Whether it’s grilled, broiled, or pan-fried, steak is always a crowd-pleaser. However, to make sure that your steak is as flavorful and juicy as possible, it’s essential to marinate it beforehand. In this article, we’ll be discussing a simple yet delicious 3-ingredient steak marinade that you can use to take your steak to the next level.

Ingredients to make Delicious Steak Marinade

Before we get into the marinade recipe, let’s take a look at the three ingredients that make it so special.

  1. Soy Sauce: Soy sauce is a savory, umami-rich ingredient that adds depth of flavor to any dish it’s used in. It’s also a great tenderizer, thanks to its high salt content.
  2. Honey: Honey is a natural sweetener that can help balance out the saltiness of the soy sauce. It also adds a caramelized flavor to the steak when it’s cooked.
  3. Garlic: Garlic is a staple ingredient in many marinades because of its strong flavor and aroma. It also has antimicrobial properties that can help preserve the steak.

Recipe for Delicious Streak Marinade :

Here’s the recipe of delicious streak marinade :


  • 1/2 cup soy sauce
  • 1/4 cup honey
  • 3 cloves garlic, minced


  1. In a small bowl, whisk together the soy sauce, honey, and garlic until well combined.
  2. Place your steak in a shallow dish or resealable plastic bag.
  3. Pour the marinade over the steak, making sure that it’s completely covered.
  4. Seal the dish or bag and place it in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes or up to 24 hours.

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Tips of Streak Marinade :

Marinades are an essential component to cooking steak, as they can enhance the flavor, tenderness, and moisture of the meat. The 3-ingredient steak marinade made with soy sauce, honey, and garlic is a quick and easy marinade that can add a savory, sweet, and aromatic flavor to your steak. Here are some detailed tips on how to use this marinade to achieve the best results:

  • Use the right cut of steak: The marinade works well with most types of steak, but some cuts of beef are more tender than others, so they will benefit from the marinade more. Look for cuts that are marbled, such as ribeye, sirloin, or filet mignon. Thicker cuts will also hold the marinade better, as they can absorb more of it.
  • Prepare the steak properly: Before marinating the steak, make sure it is trimmed of any excess fat and connective tissue. This will help the marinade penetrate the meat more easily. Also, use a fork to poke holes all over the steak, as this will allow the marinade to seep into the meat.
  • Marinate for the right amount of time: The steak should be marinated for at least 30 minutes, but no longer than 24 hours. Marinating the steak for too long can cause it to become mushy and overpowered by the marinade.
  • Use the right amount of marinade: To ensure that the steak is well-coated in the marinade, use about 1/4 to 1/2 cup of marinade for every pound of meat.
  • Store the marinating steak properly: If you’re using a resealable bag, make sure to remove as much air as possible before sealing it. This will help the marinade evenly coat the steak. Additionally, store the marinating steak in the refrigerator and flip it occasionally to ensure even distribution of the marinade.
  • Pat the steak dry before cooking: Before cooking the steak, remove it from the marinade and pat it dry with paper towels. This will help the steak sear properly and prevent steaming.
  • Use the reserved marinade as a glaze: You can reserve some of the marinade to use as a glaze while cooking. Brush the marinade on during the last few minutes of cooking to add a caramelized layer of flavor to your steak.

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Q: What type of steak works best with this marinade?

A: This marinade works well with most cuts of steak, including ribeye, sirloin, and flank steak. However, it’s important to keep in mind that some cuts of steak may require longer marinating times to fully absorb the flavor.

Q: How long should I marinate the steak?

A: It’s recommended to marinate the steak for at least 30 minutes and up to 24 hours. However, be careful not to over-marinate the steak, as this can lead to a mushy texture. A good rule of thumb is to marinate the steak for no more than 2 hours per inch of thickness.

Q: Can I freeze the marinated steak?

A: Yes, you can freeze the marinated steak for later use. Be sure to label and date the package, and use it within 3-4 months for best results.

Q: Can I grill or broil the steak instead of pan-frying it?

A: Absolutely! This marinade works well with any cooking method, including grilling, broiling, and pan-frying. Just be sure to adjust the cooking time and temperature accordingly based on the cut of steak and your preferred doneness.

Q: Can I use this marinade for other types of meat?

A: While this marinade is specifically designed for steak, you can certainly try it with other types of meat like chicken, pork, or tofu. Just be sure to adjust the cooking time and temperature accordingly based on the type of meat.

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Conclusion :

In conclusion, the 3-ingredient steak marinade is a simple yet delicious way to add flavor and tenderness to your steak. With just soy sauce, honey, and garlic, you can create a flavorful and versatile marinade that works well with most cuts of steak.

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